Bloxland Story

Now available in phone/tablet devices!

Bloxland Story is an addictive action-puzzle game with references and aesthetics from 16-bit classics of the 90s. Its mechanics are simple and original, but soon you'll discover that being a master and getting the highest scores will become a real challenge

Bloxland Story cover

The first version of the game it's now available in Google Play and Windows phone. Versions for iPhone and desktop systems coming soon.


5 areas to explore and more

Featuring a story mode with 40 total levels among 5 areas based on main objectives and a bonus score system for getting different secondary objectives.

Survival and time-attack alternative game modes which re-invent the gameplay.


Innovative game system

A unique game system inspired by this genre's classics but different to everything you've seen so far. Guaranteed!

Including leatherboards in the cloud to compete globally.


"Simmered" with care

A game developed with no rush. With careful details, refined playability, pixel-art graphics and an orginal music soundtrack that you won't easily forget.

No more paying for rewards or bonuses usual in these type of games, the complete version will give you access to the whole content.

Video trailer